What is trading standards

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About Trading Standards

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Support & advice

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NSAI Publishes Protocol to Assess Homes Suspected of Being Affected by Mica or Pyrite

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Weights and measures

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Apr 05,  · Best Answer: The Trading Standards Institute is a professional membership association that represents trading standards to professionals in the UK and overseas - in local authorities, the business and consumer sectors and in central government.

It exists to promote and protect the success of a modern Status: Resolved. The aim of the Scheme is to encourage and promote the highest standards of fair, open and honest practices, thereby giving confidence to consumers and enhancing the business reputation of its members.

The charity's complaint has been submitted to Trading Standards and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), although the latter has advised the issue is outside their remit because the company. email at [email protected] In order for us to respond to your enquiry please include your business or trading name and your address in your email or letter.

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist businesses based outside Bristol. Nov 17,  · Trading standards, environmental health and licensing teams support local businesses by helping explain legislation around regulation and protecting them from rogues.

Councils ensure that resource is focused on working with higher risk activities and non-compliant businesses. Trading Standards. Advice for business view more; Age restricted products view more; Agriculture, animal health and welfare view more; Buy with Confidence approved business scheme view more; Inspections and enforcement view more; Trading licences & registrations view more; Fees and charges view more; Trading Standards Service .

What is trading standards
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