What is an authors main goal in writing a memoir

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Defining Your Memoir, Its Purpose, and Your Intended Reader

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The editor said the effort had an interesting and inexperienced life and captured the drama and colleges of the central events. The truth is, although all creation and writing in particular is in some facet personal, there are as many motivations for writing a memoir as there are people to write them, and the purpose for that memoir may be as personal to you as your stories are.

Many of us have stories to tell from our own lives but memoir is a difficult genre to master. This is a guest post on the topic from Dana Sitar, author of This Artists' Life.

Part biography, part storytelling, part personal essay, part exposé, and even part novel, memoir vexes even the most adept of authors. by Jerry Waxler. Read my book, Memoir Revolution, about how turning your life into a story can change the world.

This is the fourth article in my series about using memoir reading and writing to deepen your understanding of your own self-concept.

author's goal persuade the reader to agree with the author's opinion; if you changing the way you think of a topic as you read (does not mean that you necessarily agree with it!).

Main Content The Memoir Formula. Discover the proven structure that makes writing memoir so much easier. Writing memoir is hard work. Writing good memoir is 10X harder.

Remember, my goal is to make writing a good book EASIER. You can get this entire structure course for $ However, the main goal is to make writing a daily habit, and that is just one of the many tips that you learn in the book. I recommend the audio version along with the book (hardback, paperback or Kindle version).

What is an authors main goal in writing a memoir
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