An introduction to the russian empire

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History of Russia

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This Russian Empire Timeline gives a brief overview of key events during the history of the Russian Empire, with a particular focus on its expansion and conflicts with other countries and empires.

After defeating Sweden. The Russian Empire () This policy of Russification was not only an attempt to assimilate the newly acquired non-Russian subjects into the Russian Empire, but also sparked a debate among the Russian intelligentsia about Russia’s role and place in.

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Russian Empire - Alexander II: The emperor Alexander II was a man of weak character who possessed no steadfast views on politics. During the reign of his father he had sometimes surpassed Nicholas in reactionary intentions.

The Crimean War proved too clearly the danger of Nicholas’s martinet system, however, and public opinion was too impetuous for Alexander to resist. Introduction ↑ The Great War was the great destroyer of European empires. The mighty Russian Empire, the conservative anchor of the East for centuries, was the first to collapse.

Why? Observers over the past hundred years have offered a. An introduction to Russia, the 19th century empire that within two generations underwent reform, reaction and revolution.

The Russian Empire (1721-1917) An introduction to the russian empire
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An introduction to Russia